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Creative Pack and Visual Issues

Discussion in 'Minecraft Talk' started by oneirosFade, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. oneirosFade

    oneirosFade New Member

    Hello, FyreUK folks, first post here!
    So, with that said, on to the meat of it: I've decided to give survival a rest and start building up a particular fantasy landscape - who better to inspire than the FyreUK team, right?
    Well, the FyreUK creative pack has been up on the DokuCraft forums for some time now, and it fits the bill nicely - but here's the thing. I don't know if it's something I'm doing wrong, or if it's one of those "just the way it is" issues, but I'm having a devil of a time getting the custom blocks to display properly (the inventory won't show them at all, TMI shows some of them, but textured incorrectly, they show as their zero-damage variant in-hand, and properly when placed).
    I've tried various combinations of MCPatcher, OptiFine, MC 1.2.5, MC 1.3.2... all with mixed (but less-than-desirable) results. Could one (or more) of you fine folks point me in the right direction?
  2. oneirosFade

    oneirosFade New Member

    Edit (since the forum isn't providing an edit button): Ignore the previous - CC posted in the DokuCraft forum that it's one of those "just the way it is" issues. Forum mod, feel free (or encouraged) to remove this thread, as it likely serves no purpose.
  3. NemesisArc

    NemesisArc Server Member Assistant Architect

    connected textures, did you watch the videos?
  4. oneirosFade

    oneirosFade New Member

    Yes, well, no - I'm familiar with CTM and the like - my issue was more with the blocks not appearing properly in inventory and in-hand, which CC informed me is not (yet?) covered by CTM. Thus, the blocks are available to me, but aren't easily distinguishable until placed.
  5. TheWaaz

    TheWaaz The Lord Forum Guardian Staff Member Assistant

    Make sure you have connected textures set to fancy, to find out the block id's use the cheat sheet provided on the forum thread.

    EDIT: The extra blocks are not in the creative inventory, thats why you need to use the cheat sheet provided.
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