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Submit your Timelapse Ideas!

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box' started by Medi, May 30, 2012.

  1. SoundBlast

    SoundBlast Projects Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    For everyone posting suggestions, please keep in mind that while we do look at styles it is unlikely we will do actual builds that already exist in the world, we're always trying to come up with something new and interesting and seeing as many people have already made builds of movie-related builds or well-known architecture in the world it is unlikely we will be building it for a timelapse.

    That said, don't be discouraged to post suggestions!
  2. runnerracer

    runnerracer Server Member Craftsman

    What Timelapse we could do is a modern world stye. If someone made a Fyre UK modern Texture pack, the possibilities could be endless, New York, London, Paris, it goes on
  3. Ventic

    Ventic Server Member Builder

    The Olymp in Minecraft :D
    Sorry I couldn't find any good picture of it..
    But I think it would look nice, if there are some temples (1 for each god/goddess) and statues in front of them. And in the middle one big temple for the meetings of the gods.
  4. Stanphi

    Stanphi Server Member Craftsman

    Idea name: Lost in time
    Idea description: (bare with me :p) this would be a very big build and I believe would be classed as more than one. The buzz I get from looking at the time lapses is just seeing everything shoot up. And well I feel we could expand on this effect by editing all the buildings to match the style of a certain time in history then all the way through to the modern day. I think this will be best explained as a step by step:

    Step 1: this will be the creation of the building area like the dawn of time. This will be the caveman era and there houses will be in the hills which we will have created.

    Step 2: once step one is completed and after Afew panning shots have been recorded there will be a fast forward period as the houses become over grown and the hills begin to decrease in size. Then comes the medevil era (gravel paths and thatcher huts etc).

    Step 3: once this is created it will have a few panning shots taken of it. Then we can maybe have a fire this time that wipes out the village and again the mountain/landscape smooths out so it is more hilly than moutainus. Now will come the Victorian era, this will contain extravicant, big houses made out of brick but your all great builders so I know you'll all get the styles right.

    Step 4: yet again there will be a few pan shots before scaffolding type structures cover the buildings and landscape becomes almost flat. This will bring us to the present day and the previous buildings will increase in size into sky scrapers etc.

    So as you can see it's madness ;). Well this would be a crazy build and would take a lot of time and effort from all, but if done correctly as always I feel it will be incredible. It will be a great collaboration of skill and styles and will be a great milestone in the ever growing history of FyreUK.

    I hope all who read see sense in the idea and if you have any tips/ pointers please do tell me :)

  5. Uisce_Dhiaga

    Uisce_Dhiaga Server Member Craftsman

    This is an amazing idea.
  6. Stanphi

    Stanphi Server Member Craftsman

    Haha thankyou :) we'll see what happens.
  7. InsaneArtist

    InsaneArtist New Member

    Idea title: Anor Londo
    Idea description: A bright gloomy city set in the dark and unforgiving world of Lordran.​
    World Suggested: Anor Londo

    Notes: It MUST include a spiral staircase that can go up and down to certain areas of the palace. There are many videos of gameplay on this area of the Dark Souls map. It is best if you look at those to get a full understanding on everything in the city/palace.
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  8. nekrong

    nekrong Server Member Craftsman

    Title: ascension
    Idea: i was thinking a two part city where the first part is on land which has a massive central pillar which also acts as housing but also leads to the second part of the city which will be in the skylands ( connected by teleportation or portal ) giving the effect that it is a massive city reaching into the sky
  9. SebTsch

    SebTsch Server Member Craftsman

    Title: Sky City
    Description: A huge city with gigantic skyscrapers. The basic idea is to make a city with 2 levels, one level on the ground and one level in the sky. The inspiration comes from Star Wars.
    World suggested: New Creative





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  10. Raventeeth

    Raventeeth Server Member Craftsman

    Okay I keep it simple and I know that mabye this isnt a good idea but we must try it and we are busy with a lot of other projects

    One word : Erebor
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  11. Mattyboyslick

    Mattyboyslick New Member

    Idea Title: The Dark Tower
    Idea Description: The Dark Tower series has a huge black tower in the center of a field of Roses, eventually we could build Roland's entire journey.
    World Suggested: Crafture
  12. TheDwarvenJaffa

    TheDwarvenJaffa Server Member Sponsor

    Battle of the Realms
    This map would have three fantasy realms: Dwarves, Mages and humans on three different island all facing 1 center point. the three cities would be partially destroyed and in the middle would be the remains of a bloody conflict
  13. Stanphi

    Stanphi Server Member Craftsman

    Hey @TheDwarvenJaffa thanks for the great suggestion and well I think it would be pretty cool to do :). Especially with being able to have 3-4 different styles in one project :D

    Anyways if you really want to follow this forward, maybe donate to become a server member :), then you'll be able to run this as a project :D

  14. behedwin

    behedwin Server Member Builder

    This might not be suitable for a timelapse... but i would really like to see the discworld being built in minecraft.

    Maybe more of a map project. Tho a bit gigantic :D

    Here are some pictures....


  15. OMGTheMuffinMan

    OMGTheMuffinMan New Member

    Idea title: Halios
    Idea description: City that I thought up in my head while working on the short story I am currently writing.

    The design is medieval, and the 3 major races live in the city, humans, elves, and dwarves. As usual, the dwarves have their own district within the city to build, shape, and craft metal in their own way without being bothered. (Never decided on a location, but possibly opposite the cathedral.) *Note* Magic is present in this world, so objects can float to some degree, and traditional architecture can be modified to seem like magic is helping it.

    It is a circular city, with technically 4 different areas, but only 2 areas have normal buildings in it. The outermost ring is the outermost wall. The gold lines/ring are roads. There is the main central road that goes around the entire city, then two roads that go out of the city at N,S,E,W, interior roads at NW, NE, SW, SE, and finally an interior road that circles the central mountain. (Refer to 2nd image for rough mountain detail.) The blue blocks are water, and red blocks are bridges that cross the water, (Refer to 3rd image for rough detail on water area.) The grass is space that can be built upon for shops, homes, ect. A cathedral was planned to be put in the city to the NW, making the exterior wall bulge out a little, but it is not nessecary to have, mostly just something to add more detail and medieval feel to the city. The central circle is the mountain with 3-4 water falls that flow down it and feed into the water circle and make it into a river of sorts. (The water flows out of the city through a sewer system.) Underneath the central circle is the jail/dungeon system, (Not necessarily needed in the build, just giving you all the information I have.) The kings throne, and buildings that he owns/lives in, are also built into the mountain and around it.
    World Suggested: Main world
  16. Wooders1996

    Wooders1996 Server Member Craftsman

    Idea Title: Frozen in Battle
    I have an idea.
    I've been thinking about it and i reckon we need to do an organics timelapse,
    Idea description: so my idea is to make a battle scene betwen 10 people (5 vs 5), now u may be asking. HOW?
    we'll we make statues, of 10 people fighting for a banner or something, frozen in time, stone warriors,, massive 100-150 block tall monsters, we could make swords, bows, axes, and it would look really cool, especially in the fly over at the end, with dynamic swooping footage ;p
    This shouldn't really take that long as it is just 10 humanoids fighting, but we would have to make the surroundings, maybe a giant arena? could make some specators as well. ;p
    Just a thought ;p responces?
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  17. Aglatong

    Aglatong Server Member Craftsman

    Title: Fyre Zoo

    Self explanatory, lots of organic animals done in large scale, open air so fly overs, lighting and height aren't issues.
    Maybe some zookeepers or other visitors.
    We can have the environment in many different styles as well, for the different enclosures and for the actual zoo area.
    This could work really well if we do it right, it also hasn't been done often.
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  18. BlockCat

    BlockCat Server Member Builder

    Why not a nice easter village full of easter eggs?
  19. Alex Summers

    Alex Summers Server Member Craftsman

    Nice suggestion but due to the amount of work already going on right now with the other timelapses and projects, I don't think it would be possible to get a easter themed timelapse out in time. However FyreUK can build some amazing things in a short amount of time so you never know ;)
  20. WiZaRDuSS

    WiZaRDuSS Server Member Craftsman

    Even if we don't make it this year, it could be a nice idea to keep in mind for next year? That would also give us plenty of time to think of fun easter eggs (I'm thinking of easter eggs like hidden stuff in games) to put in the village :)
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