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The Architect's Guide to Ship Features

Discussion in 'Your Minecraft Creations' started by Sheogorath, Nov 8, 2012.

  1. Sheogorath

    Sheogorath Member

    Ships aren't just a hull, sails, and masts, they have little features on them that make nearly any ship cluttered and ship-like. Here are some things that should be commonplace on your ships if they're not the ugly modern Iron-hullers.
    The wheel. There are other designs of wheels, but this one is simple and obvious in its design.
    The double wheel, for use on larger ships. Your wheels can have buttons on them, or you can make them of pure wood. Usually looks better with buttons, but I forewent the use of them as my buttons are cracked stone.
    The belfry, used almost exclusively to tell the time on board, this item should be located in the front of the ship, on the main deck. You can play around with the design of a belfry, but this is a template showing what it should look like in a basic form.
    Ship's Boats. These have a great many different designs, but this one is much easier to fit on ships. Ship's boats are stacked in twos in the middle of the deck, but on smaller ships, there is usually one hanging off the stern. The boats on deck are identical, larger ships have several boats for other uses, some smaller, some larger.
    Deck lanterns. Large ships have three, smaller ships have two, older ships have one big one. Lanterns help ships notify each other where they are. They are located at the stern. This lantern design is very simple, older lanterns could be four-five blocks tall and highly decorative.
    These lanterns jut out so that a boat can be hung off of them. Quite useful if you're at a loss as to how you can hang a boat and have lanterns.
    Gunwales are the railings found on the sides of ships. Generally, gunwales have holes in them to allow water to wash off the deck. This gunwale design can be made out of upside-down stairs or blocks and slabs, which allows you to use blocks like logs or other woods, much more ideal for the decoration maniac.
    These gunwales are stairs and slabs, allowing space for guns, if your ship is of the warring type.
    Now, here is an interesting gunwale. The deck is at the level of the grass, BTW. This design offers protection to the crew in a battle while allowing them to shoot out. This design would normally be employed amidships (the middle of the main deck) where, on most older designs, the helm would be located.
    I'll put in some more features later on. I hope this Guide gave you a bit of inspiration for the decoration and cluttering of your own naval beauties.

    PS: I think I'll have to revise some of the gunwales, these pictures are a couple of days old and I didn't realize what I could have done with the stairs and slabs.
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